Three Big Money Reasons Homeowners Are Rushing To Get New Windows

Here’s the deal – big advancements in window technology, combined with seasonal savings and unusually generous discounts by contractors, have homeowners rushing to lock in their savings.

A Great Deal that Also Cuts Utility Costs By $100’s? Sign Us Up!!!

It’s simple – old windows cost you a lot of money. They cost you money in the summer, and they really cost you money in the winter.

Month after month, year after year, dollars fly out of your old windows.

But you can stop that cold – and cut your utility bills by up to 40% - by installing new, energy-efficient windows. Here are three reasons this makes a ton of sense:

  • Reason One: Right now, most homeowners can benefit from green energy savings. Plus, you may save even more locally depending on your zip code. That said, these seasonal savings and credits won’t last, so the time is right now.
  • Reason Two: Demand for this has made competition amongst contractors fierce. So much so that they will assess your windows, and give you a free estimate.
  • Reason Three: $$ Money $$, plain and simple. With new windows, you save month after month. Plus, you add thousands to the value of your home. According to HGTV, by switching to energy-efficient windows you can earn back 60%-90% of your cost upon selling your home. Nice!!

Out With the Old, In With the New

Your old windows probably have frame rot, which can spread mold throughout your house. They are also more prone to letting outside noise in, and we’ve already discussed that you lose tons of heat and air conditioning (up to 25% loss, according to the US Department of Energy).

New windows put an end to this. Add in the limited time seasonal savings and savings, and it pays off big time.

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