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12 Must Have Products Going Viral in 2017

October 28, 2017 at 10:37 am EDT | Sponsored Content

Must Have Viral Products. . .those words bring to mind cool products, interesting items, and wacky gizmos. Sometimes, you might be tempted to spend your whole paycheck on the amazing inventions of everyday citizens. These 12 products make great stocking stuffers with Christmas only a few months away, maybe these will give you some ideas.

This is a compilation of 12 of the coolest, most innovative and most awesome products that sold out fast in 2017. Many of them are products you’d never even expect to go viral, but they sold millions worldwide! Not only can you read about them here, you can click the links provided if you want to order them, without having to pick up the phone. . .or even leaving your house.

1. TrackR Bravo - Track Anything

TrackR Bravo Makes You Never Lose Anything Again

Have you ever lost something? Phone… keys… wallet… car… bike… dog… even kids… Feels terrible, doesn’t it? Spending the rest of your day retracing your steps feeling like you’ve lost your mind. Wondering, “was it stolen?”

TrackR Bravo locates what you lost and pinpoints its exact location for you. For example, loop one around your Dog or Cat’s collar and next time they go missing, you’ll find them in seconds.

The TrackR App shows, on a map, exactly where to find your lost item, device, or family member. Plus, it will sound an alarm you can hear within a 1/4 mile. Sure makes finding phones in silent mode easy. Best part, every single TrackR member pings a signal to you if they come near what was lost (or stolen). Which means, you’ve got an Army of members tracking for you.

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2. Safety – Protection From Danger Is What Happens With Siren Song

Rape. 1 in 3 women experience being raped in life. This Siren Song helps protect you and the women you love from being raped, attacked, and harmed.

Most rapes happen at night, cloaked by darkness. When you use Siren Song a 130 decibel alarm signals for help. Piercing sounds rip through the dark which instantly grasps attention from saviors. Ultimately, this stops striking predators.

Protect yourself from danger, try Siren Song. Additionally, Siren Song doesn’t just protect you, your kids, and your loved ones from attack. It can be used to save your life if you’re having a heart attack, or alerts citizens of danger.

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3. KeySmart – Simplify Up To 14 Keys

Guaranteed simple. The last “Keychain” you’ll ever need. Eliminates pocket bulk. Stops key scratches on your phone. Made from two 3mm thick aircraft grade aluminum plates. Which means it’s built for rugged handling.

KeySmart soundlessly stores up to 14 keys. Noisy key jingles vanish. Also, if you happen to fall down or lay on your bed you won’t be stabbed to the bone by your keys. Plus, you choose which slot each key goes in. So you never waste time in search for the right key.

KeySmart accessorizes by adding USB drives, bottle openers, even nano lights to shine your way in the dark. And it comes with a removable clip that allows you to attach to any pocket, belt, or bag. Ultimately, KeySmart gives you versatility as it customizes to your needs and simplifies your life.

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4. Fixd – Stops Sneaky Swindles From Slimy Mechanics

Battle-hardened mechanics are scared to death of this device. Some even tried to get into fistfights with the inventor.

Why? Because Fixd Car Diagnostic puts the truth on the table.

All too many mechanics prey on befuddlement. Your car check engine light comes on and they use your lack of knowledge as bargaining leverage to intimidate you into paying for expensive repairs. These immoral mechanics find it perfectly legal to rip you off.

Your Fixd Car Diagnostic ensures you never pay a nickel more than necessary. All cars since 1996 have a diagnostic slot you can plug Fixd into and have it tell you, in language you understand, what is actually wrong with your car. You have your money and pride on the line. Never shell out thousands in bogus repairs from a mechanic trying to dupe you and fleece your pockets. Use Fixd and know the truth.

The next time your “Check Engine Light” comes on, you’ll know exactly what the issue is and Mechanics won’t be able to lie to you!

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5. Peeps – NASA’s Eye-Glass Cleaner

What does NASA, the U.S. Military, and over 1.5 million eye-glass wearers have in common? They all trust Peeps for clean lenses.

Peeps will never scratch or damage your lenses. A breakthrough invisible carbon formula safely and easily cleans your glasses. Restoring the clean, clear, brand new view.

Dust, fingerprints, and facial oils all dirty up your glasses. Unfortunately wipes and sprays rarely clear away all the build up. Sometimes scratches and smudges result. Peeps is the cure to dirty glasses. Simple, effective, and very cool patented technology. Try it here.

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6. Snap SmartCam – The Stealth Spy

If you think you’re being stolen from, lied to, or cheated on then it’s time to get your revenge. Use this stealthy SmartCam to catch them red handed!

Records in High Definition, automatically, on motion detection. Which means you can catch thieves, cheaters, and ill meaning individuals all without them knowing. The Snap SmartCam records hours of footage and automatically cycles, overwriting the earliest videos recorded, so you never miss action.

Discreet and simple to use. SmartCam requires zero batteries. Plus, it charges your phone and other electronic devices. Your recorded videos have resolution of 1920 x 1080 @ 30FPS, so you’ll enjoy crisp video footage. Also you’ll hear conversations clear as a church-bell.

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7. The Prepared Hero — Tactical TC1200 Flashlight

This is the tactical flashlight Navy Seals and the U.S. Coast Guard rely on. A Typical police officer flashlight is 90-100 lumens. The TC1200 Flashlight is 1200 lumens. Which means pitch black darkness feels like you’re in broad daylight when you click “ON” and see with this brightness.

Not only does it light your way in the dark, the TC1200 has settings that sends SOS distress signals, shines with up to 2,000x focused zoom, and blinds would-be attackers for instant self-defense. The TC1200 Flashlight head can even be used as a protective knockout hammer to smash skulls with its battle-grade aircraft-aluminum.

Virtually indestructible, Sink it in 6’ of water, Drop from 10’ in the air, even drive over it. What’s more, light shines for 1,000 hours (41 straight days) using only 3 AAA batteries to power the TC1200 Flashlight. Which makes it perfect for emergencies, natural disasters, and finding your way in the dark.

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8. DashCam Pro – Instant Peace of Mind

Imagine an uninsured driver smashes into you. You are injured, your car is nearly totaled, and the driver takes off before you can even get their license plate number. You are left with medical bills, car repair bills, and missing time from work. In total, you’re left in a financial mess. If only you knew who hit you….

That’s what DashCam Pro gives you. Peace of mind, knowing any accident is recorded and you’re never left without proof. Automatically records HD video of your trip, which can capture license plate numbers of someone who hits you, and provide proof of your innocence. Which protects you, your family, and your finances against reckless drivers.

Plus, when it’s your word against an officers word on a traffic violation, your video might get you off-the-hook in front of any judge.

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9. Xtra PC Saves You Cash (Hundreds, Even Thousands)


Thinking about getting a new computer? Tired of your slow computer?

Instead of shelling out hundreds to thousands of dollars on a new computer, maximize yours today with Xtra PC.

Step 1. Plug in Xtra PC.
Step 2. Watch your computer speed past new computers.

That’s it. Xtra PC makes your computer faster.

Any computer (Mac & Windows) made after 2004 will speed up when you simply plug Xtra PC into the USB port. Zero setup. Zero tech.

Xtra PC is easy, inexpensive, and quite literally plugs in powerful speed… instantly!

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10. HD Zoom Breakthrough — See MILES Away With Your Cell Phone

Spy on people from miles away. Take stunning pictures. Save thousands. Instead of expensive Nikon, Canon, Sony, Leica, or Zeiss lenses you can now have equal or better quality with HD Zoom.

HD Zoom Eliminates blur, brings professional image quality to today’s smartphone cameras. Makes your phone produce sharper, clearer, preciser images from extreme distances. Plus, see how it’s adjustability takes only seconds.

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11. NightSight Driving Glasses – Makes You Have “Catlike” Night Vision


Seeing in the dark is difficult. Unless you’re a cat with 9 lives. As a result, over half of all accidents occur after sundown. Lack of clear vision might cost you your life or the life of someone dear to you. That’s why this product is selling by the truckloads. It saves lives.

When you put on a pair of NightSight Glasses, you instantly see clearly through the night. It allows you to now see what you previously missed. Just slide it over your existing prescription lenses, or wear them like any glasses, and instantly you have night-vision clarity.

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12. Claim Your FREE TV with TV Fox Antenna

Tired of Paying for Channels? Disgusted by that $50… $80… Even $110 cable bill?

The TV Fox device allows you to claim your free TV access to over 90 channels. All 100% legal. These are popular channels you have already been granted free access to. In fact, most are stations you now pay for.

Cable companies buried this little-known secret and have overcharged consumers for years. Never again. With TV Fox’s Indoor antenna you can finally claim your free TV access with zero subscription fees, zero installation. Simply plug in and start watching.

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Bonus #1. Huddy —Your New Hands Free Navigation Display

Navigating while driving can be 300% more dangerous than drunk driving. Your head is down, looking at your screen, with precious moments to adjust your eyes between road and screen. That lost attention causes accidents. Sometimes fatal ones.

Huddy transforms your dashboard into a navigation screen. Which means your focus stays on the route, with safety. All you do is place Huddy on your dash, secure your phone on top, and allow Huddy’s transparent display to navigate.

Huddy fits all smartphones, has an ultra-grip mat so it stays on your dash, and contains an adjustable screen. To see how setup is done in seconds, click here.

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