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9 Gadgets Going Viral in 2017 That You Need to Get Your Hands On

December 20, 2017 at 11:37 am EDT | Sponsored Content

"If you love feeling like 007 by being the first to get the latest gadgets, then you’re about to update your Christmas list!"

It's hard to say what makes a product go viral. We don’t think it’s about having a long list of complex features or just the novelty of it. To us, it’s about solving an overlooked problem, and doing it well!

To find the very best of 2017’s viral products – the ones that can solve problems with ease – we sent out our team of editors to select and test new products that have already sold in the millions this year. And in our tireless journey, we found 9 that really impressed us!

These products will definitely make life a little easier! And with the holidays around the corner, they make the perfect stocking stuffers for the tech fiend in your life...or maybe a Christmas present to yourself, we won’t judge.

Not only can you read about the best products we’ve found here, you can click the links to learn more and order anything you decide you can’t live without!

Without further adieu, here are our top viral gadgets for 2017:

1. Tactical Flashlight

You might be surprised to see a flashlight on our list. I mean, it’s a pretty simple product... how 007 can a flashlight get?

Well, we’re here to tell you!

Meet the Tactical Flashlight, a flashlight that sold over 20,000 units in just a few months.

This isn’t the flashlight you’d find at your local dollar store. This battle-tested flashlight uses military-grade LED technology that can illuminate an entire field or blanket a work area with 800 lumens of light. That’s 8 times more than the average utility flashlight!

It’s almost indestructible. You can throw it, drive over it, drop it in 6 feet of water — the aircraft-grade aluminum will hold up. It’s the kind of flashlight U.S. Navy Seals and the U.S Coast Guard rely on to get the job done!

You can also use it as a defense tool if you get attacked. This super bright flashlight can temporarily blind your attacker, giving you time to escape...just be careful using it around your friends.

In other kinds of emergencies, you can use the strobe setting to signal for help, or focus the LED beam to see far into the distance.

At this point, you may be thinking that you’ll need to spend your life savings on special batteries to keep this thing functional. Quite the contrary! All you need is 3 AAA batteries to get 1,000 hours of life.

That makes it ideal for reliable, abundant light during a prolonged natural disaster or emergency…and for lots of everyday uses. Be prepared for anything!

Click Here to Learn More About Tactical Flashlights

2. FIXD - Instantly turn your car into a "smart vehicle" that keeps track of over 7,000 diagnostics

Have you ever been driving along, feeling great, when your mood is suddenly destroyed by the appearance of the "Check Engine Light"?

Us too.

You might try to ignore it. I mean, most of the time it’s just a false alarm, right? But what if it’s not? What if the result is $1000 plus in engine damage?

Unless you’re a car expert, or a mechanic yourself, getting things checked out means putting blind faith into someone to tell you the truth about what’s going on, and it can cost $100 before they even start the work. Never a good feeling.

Don’t you just wish you could do a diagnostic yourself?

You can!

FIXD is a ground-breaking device that plugs directly into your car’s diagnostic port and tracks 7,000 potential issues with your vehicle. (almost all vehicles manufactured after 1996 will have this port, and it is usually found under the steering wheel).

FIXD can instantly tell you – in plain language – which issues are emergencies and which ones can wait until your next oil change.

It's literally plug-and-play. Connect FIXD to your car, and it starts working right away!

It can save you thousands of dollars in repairs and untold time trying to figure out what’s wrong with your car...all for a fraction of what one trip to your mechanic would cost!

We think this device should be included with the purchase of every car, but until then, save yourself the headache and grab one for yourself!

Click Here to Learn More About FIXD

3. Peeps Carbon Glasses Cleaner

Whether you wear glasses because you’re nearsighted, farsighted, or just love a pair of slick shades on a sunny day, we’re willing to bet you’ve experienced the unrivaled frustration of trying to keep them clean!

We’ve found the perfect solution!

This is a relatively new product that is quickly picking up steam among glasses wearers of all kinds. The Peeps eyeglass cleaner uses a unique carbon compound to safely remove dust and oil from the face and fingers from your glasses. And unlike disposable wipes, you get over 500 cleanings without adding to the landfill. It’s a win for you and the environment!

Peeps is the safest and most tested lens cleaning product in the world.

In fact, the technology is literally out of this world – being the only cleaners on the Space Station used for lens cleaning by NASA. It’s easy to use, compact and never expires!

The perfect size eye wear cleaner to take with you – it measures approximately 4x1x1 inches and is available in 7 different colors. Why not clean in style?

They are now shipping worldwide!

Click Here to Learn More About Peeps Glasses

4. The most effective and reliable tracker ever

If you’ve ever lost something you can’t replace, you are familiar with the pit that forms in the bottom of your stomach, and the all-consuming panic that you’ll never find it.

And if you’re anything like us, you have that feeling about your phone about 100 times a day.

Movies like James Bond and Minority Report have promised us more! In these universes, trackers are ubiquitous. They are these tiny, inconspicuous pieces of tech that can be used to keep tabs on almost anything. It seems like a simple concept, yet, you walk out of that promising theatre into the harsh light of reality, only to discover that, sadly, it doesn’t exist yet.

Most bluetooth trackers don’t have the battery power to last when you need it most, lack the volume power needed, or just don’t work reliably.

Fortunately, for those of us bold enough to imagine a brighter future, a company just released a new breakthrough tracker this year. It’s a device the size of a quarter that’s packed with power!

When you attach the the tracker to your favorite item (be that your pet, luggage, your purse or even your car) you can track it and view it precisely on the map of your phone.

It has integrated Skyworks's RF amp, and Dialog's 14585 Bbluetooth SoC into the device to increase its range. These key components not only allow them to broadcast with more power, but also helps reduce packet loss at a longer range.

With the device, you increase your chances of finding your irreplaceable items by 10,000x, because they can enlist their own network of users to help locate what you lose.

As if this could be any better, it also works both ways – that is, if you lose your phone, you can press a button on the tracker to make your phone ring, even on silent.

Now we’re panicking 100 times less per day!

This is one of those no-brainer devices that everyone should own at least one of!

Click Here to Learn More About The Tracker

5. TVFox - Get 90 of The Top 100 TV Channels For Free (No Subscriptions, No Fee's, No Joke)

The world is changing in so many amazing ways! But one thing that has remained constant over the last several decades is that cable companies are still charging outrageous prices for TV.

If you’re someone who still get’s one of those bills every month, you likely want to ball up your fist, look to the heavens, and curse the world every time you see it!

But hey, with the constant connectivity to the internet, message notifications, and social media alerts, sometimes you just want to sit on your couch and watch plain old TV.

So, maybe you’re not ready to give that up quite yet. Luckily, you don’t have to!

TVFox gives you access to the top network television channels for free. Yes, you definitely read that right. FREE.

There is no subscription fee, no installation fee, no satellite dish rental fee. No fees of any kind!

But here's the catch... drumroll... wait for it... Just kidding! There is no catch! With TVFox you get free network TV for life. Honestly, it's about time a gadget like this came around.

To see if you qualify to use TVFox and learn more, simply click the link below.

Click Here to Learn More About TVFox

6. 1Tac Tactical Pen

If including a flashlight on this list of must-have tech gadgets had you scratching your head, we are really about to make you question our sanity with this one: a pen.

But hear us out, because this pen could save your life!

The 1Tac Tactical Pen has already sold over 5 million units in 2017, we we’re sure that it’ll continue to sell like crazy through the holidays. No other personal defense item comes close to how versatile, compact affordable, and functional the 1 Tac Tactical Pen is.

Designed from aircraft-grade aluminum, it boasts a tungsten steel glass-break tip, a stainless steel removable razor-sharp blade, a blindingly bright LED light, and a smooth-writing rollerball pen.

If you’re ever in the unfortunate situation of having to defend yourself or break through a window to get to safety in an emergency, this pen will be your best friend.

Click Here to Learn More About Tactical Pens

7. KeySmart – The Future of Keychains

If you are one of those people whose keychain is starting to look like it belongs to the janitor of the world’s largest building, we feel your pain!

At some point keychains become more comical than helpful. A fist full of keys are obnoxious to carry around or organize, and they have a nasty habit of leaving holes in your pockets, or worse, scratches on your phone!

That’s where the KeySmart comes in. This handy key organizer offers a simple, elegant solution for organizing your keys – allowing you to eliminate your keychain for good.

This durable, compact key holder can hold up to 14 keys. It consists of two 3mm thick plates made of aircraft grade aluminum, so you don’t have to worry it snapping after a few uses.

In fact the manufacturer is so sure of it holding up to anything you can throw at it, that they sell it with a guarantee!

You’ll be able to put your phone and your keys in the same pockets without worry, and you’ll be able to walk down the street without jingling ringing through the air for miles around. It’s a win-win!

For added convenience, you can also clip KeySmart to your pocket, belt, or bag. Or, if you prefer it without the clip, it can be easily removed.

You can even customize your KeySmart by adding accessories like USB drives and bottle openers to it, all available separately on the KeySmart website.

Click Here to Learn More About KeySmart

8. Xtra PC - Protect Your PC Instantly

Remember the good old days, before computers...when you didn’t have to watch a spinning wheel or hourglass taunt you mercilessly as you try to complete the simplest task? Before losing your work on a crashed computer ignited a rage within you so powerful, that you seriously contemplated throwing that computer off of the roof?

Neither do we, but we can imagine it was bliss!

We’re just kidding, obviously we would rather be in a world full of tech, but we’d also like that tech to be fast and reliable!

This product we found is just starting to gain traction, and it’s not technically a gadget, but it’s so cool that we had to add it to this list. If you have a slow, barely functioning computer, this is what you want!

The Xtra PC works with any computer (Mac or Windows) made after 2004. It’s the fastest, easiest, and cheapest solution to getting a new computer...without actually getting a new computer.

All you have to do is plug Xtra PC into the thumb drive of your computer, and it uses a Linux program to squeeze better performance out of your old processor. You set it up once and you’re good to go!

We can see this product continuing to sell well for the foreseeable future!

Click Here to Learn More About Xtra-PC

9. Huddy – Transform Your Smartphone Into A Driving Display

I think we can all agree that traditional GPS systems are officially a thing of the past. But in this brave new world of using your phone as your primary navigation tool comes with its own set of struggles.

If you’re like us, you have at least one friend who balances their phone in their lap and looks down way more than they look at the road.

But as scary as it can be to drive with these people, who can blame them? It’s hard to find a mount that fits your phone without requiring you to permanently glue something to it, and even harder to find a good place to mount it.

Enter Huddy!

Huddy turns any smartphone into a heads up display for your car. And, although it was just released, it’s already taking the internet by storm!

All you have to do is set it on your dash, place your smartphone in it, and you will have a transparent navigation display that works in any weather, day or night.

Its ultra-grip mat will stop it from sliding or falling, without leaving residue on your dash. And best of all, there are a ton of apps available that will let you see traffic conditions, speed, street maps and oh so much more!

We can see this is becoming one of the most purchase gifts this holiday season, so make sure to get it while you still can!

Learn More About Huddy

Hey, wait! There's more

Brand New Amazing Gadgets Released This Month!


Update: The previous list of products includes the very best gadgets based on features, novelty and popularity over the course of the prior 12 months.

However, the next set of products below are this month's biggest stars and new gadgets that have blown us away.

These next few products are something you absolutely must take a close look at and check out. We sent our in-house editorial team to personally test, vet and find not just the very best set of new gadgets this month, but also the best companies behind them (not the knock-off companies). This list below contains only the highest-end, authentic products built by the very best companies. And we've created special links for each one so that you know you're reading about the best brands out there.

Enjoy, and as always, if you have any new gadgets or tips, contact our editorial team.

1. iMemories - Digitize Your Memories Without The Headache

If you've been wanting to digitize your old family films or albums for years, but have never gotten around to it, then pay attention to this one. iMemories specializes in digitizing and converting every single imaginable type of old format (VHS tapes, Betamax tapes, MiniDV's, Photo Prints, family albums)... And converts them into beautiful, high-quality versions that you can view comfortably on a television, iPhone or really any device.

But the secret to why iMemories has become so popular? It's because they... actually makes the process easy for you!

You simply send them your memories in a box. Actually here's the best part! THEY send YOU the box first, and then you put your VHS tapes, albums and stuff in the box, and send it to them.

They scan and digitize it for you, then send you back the box of the originals. Plus now you get to enjoy your old memories in beautiful digital format on your iPhone, iPad, TV or wherever's most comfortable... forever!

Can you trust them? Let's see. Well there's a reason why iMemories remains the most trusted service in the space. They've digitized over 6.5 million family memories for their customers and have never misplaced, danaged or lost a single one.

Do yourself a favor and visit their official website here. It makes a great gift for parents, grandparents and loved ones, too!

Click Here to Learn More About iMemories

2. Night Vision HD - Reduces Car Accidents At Night by Over 67%

Despite there being 60% less traffic on the roads at night, more than 40% of car accidents and fatalities occur at night.

The reason is pretty easy to guess. It's because it's so much harder to see at night! Not only does glare cause more accidents, but so does oncoming car lights.

Meet Night Vision HD Glasses, an innovative product just launched which is not only selling in the millions, it's saving millions--of lives.

According to estimates, you can prevent risk of accident at night by over 67% by simply wearing a pair of Night Vision HD's. They're comfortable to wear and they can even be worn OVER your current prescription glasses!

It doesn't just work at night, it also works when it's pouring rain or you're in the middle of a blizzard.

The only question is, why'd it take them so long to invent this?!

Check out Night Vision HD on their official site by clicking below.

Click Here to Learn More About Night Vision HD

3. HDZoom360 - Instantly Turn Your Phone Into a $1,000 Camera

Have you ever played with the idea of getting a professional camera, but held off because of the $1,000+ price barrier? Not to mention the time you'd have to invest learning how to use it.

Well a ground-breaking new camera was just released and is causing significant anxiety for companies like Canon and Nikon.

Here's why.

The HDZoom360 camera instantly turns your smart phone into a professional-grade camera. AND it doesn't require the countless hours figuring out 30+ buttons, configurations or buying expensive add-on lenses (by the way, that's how they really get you!)

In less than five seconds, you can turn your phone into a world-class camera and begin taking gorgeous photos that would pass editorial review for the cover of National Geographic. That's a bold statement, but it's 100% true.

If you're planning on going on a vacation in the upcoming year, be it Europe, Hawaii, an African safari, a tropical island or really, anywhere, you need to pick up an HDZoom360 before your take-off.

Click Here to Learn More About HDZoom360

4. DashCam Pro - Capture Footage From Your Vehicle of Fender Benders, Hit & Runs or Beautiful Scenery on Road Trips

If you have the unfortunate experience of being in one of the 136,000 car crashes that happen each day, it can be really scary, confusing, and stressful!

The last thing you want to do is pile on more stress by being tasked with proving you weren’t at fault without any proof to backup your story.

It’s even worse if you have to add legal fees to the issue to get an attorney to help make your case.

Before we bum you out too much, there is a pretty simple solution!

The DashCam Pro HD has your back...and your front. This motion-activated camera will start to capture video any time objects are near. So, in any collision, you automatically have proof of what happened, potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

But it's not just for fender benders. If you've ever returned to your car in the parking lot to find a lovely new ding on your door, you'll be able to get the licence plate of the person who did it!

The DashCam is one of those rare items that can pay for itself – not just financially – but in a better night’s sleep, knowing you’re covered.

Click Here to Learn More About DashCam Pro