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How A Broke 27 Year Old Finance Graduate Went From $50k in Student Debt To 6 Figures A Year Playing Daily Fantasy Sports

Daily fantasy sports may be a bad deal for most people — with 70% of players losing money— but it can be profitable for people who have figured it out.

We visited the Philadelphia home of one of those "sharks," a guy named Chase Richmond, on a recent Sunday.

Chase makes a living writing about daily fantasy sports, running the website Playmakers Portfolio, and putting down about five figures every week on football, baseball and basketball.

He claims to have earned hundreds of thousands of dollars on the website FanDuel despite not depositing more than an initial $50 only two years ago.

Chase, who played football in his youth, started tracking sports analytics and data in college "just for fun," running the numbers and analyze teams' on-field decisions, fourth-down decisions, when they'd punt, and more.

He started off by putting down a small amount of money nearly every day in FanDuel until he was able to grow his bankroll. He claims his finance degree was put to good use and helped him analyze stats, teams, and players which he then developed into a strategy for consistently winning. Since 2016, he's been able to write and play daily fantasy sports full time, and he's on track to earn an astounding $500,000 this year from daily fantasy sports.

"It's a game that, if you're smart and do a lot of research and you're dedicated to it, you can make money for sure," Chase said. "It's very similar to poker. But it's a game of skill. The best players win again and again over the long run."

On FanDuel, fantasy players receive a fake budget of $60,000 every week to draft their team. Each football player is assigned a dollar value — the most valuable one right now is Ben Roethlisberger at $17,000 — and fantasy players must "buy" a quarterback, running back, and so on while coming in under budget. The key is to select not only the best players, but also the ones who might do well and aren't showing up on every other fantasy player's lineup. Players can enter tournaments or go head-to-head against other fantasy players. They can play without wagering any money, or they can bet on each lineup tournament or contest they enter.

People like Chase who have figured out how to do that effectively can make millions over the course of a season. The key, Chase says, is to think creatively. The best DFS players know to use injury reports that are released by the NFL on Thursday to predict who will be fit to play. They analyze players' histories, coaches' tendencies and preferences, and even the weather forecasts for game day when building their lineups.

Now, interest in daily fantasy is boiling over thanks to a barrage of advertisements on nearly every sports channel pushing the two biggest fantasy sports websites FanDuel and DraftKings. But it's also had some legal issues in recent years, as it's been banned in certain states (Arizona, Iowa, Montana, Nevada, and Washington).

Chase welcomes this new attention to the past-time, saying federal regulation would be welcome as long as DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) could be kept legal in every state. He also says that the more inexperienced players who sign up for these websites, the more money the "sharks" can make. But Chase is also tutoring and training a small group of inexperienced players with his Playmakers Portfolio system. He's said that he wants to give something back to people just starting out in daily fantasy sports, so he's helping his clients learn the ropes and he shares his expert lineup advice with them daily. He says that while he still has membership spots available, he plans on raising the price soon or closing the membership spots for good if too many people sign up.

Keep scrolling to see how you can become a professional Daily Fantasy Sports player.

Chase Showed Us How He Turned $697 in Entry Fees Into A $46,121 In One Night!

The Takeaway

Fantasy football and other daily fantasy sports are quickly becoming a mainstream hobby in America. With millions of dollars up for grabs in daily prizes on FanDuel, many Americans are turning to daily fantasy sports to make a full time income without having to leave the comfort of their homes. However, the vast majority of people who play daily fantasy sports lose money overall (over 70% of people lose money), so the question then becomes, how can you give yourself an edge and become one of the few winners? Chase Richmond, the creator of the Playmakers Portfolio, has developed a unique system to win tournament after tournament. A finance graduate, Chase used his knowledge of numbers and finance to develop a specific strategy that has amassed him more than $200,000 in winnings in 2017. He's now on track to make over $500,000 in winnings this year!

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