By Maron Hayes,
Expert Tech

Last updated on 25th August 2017

Hybrid Spy Cam/Phone Charger Blows Away US Veterans

This Clever Spy Gadget Is Practically Invisible

The clever camera monitors your home when you've left it alone.

Is your house safe when you leave it in the morning? This genius spy camera disguised as a wall charger is helping Americans find out.

The clever hybrid design means the camera can be secretly placed inside or outside the house to monitor thieves, misbehaving pets or young children in one simple step.

"I'm not very good with technology," says Mr Hithen, a 3 month user of the spy cam, "but these are so easy to use and work like a USB. It's genius security for people like me."

The camera is often used by ex-military to ensure high quality 1080p video capture. It uses a simple micro SD card memory slot for easy file transfers with a computer.

"I've given up on a lot of surveillance systems because they're too expensive to install and use complicated programs! These just plug into a wall outlet and record when they need to - It's easily the best security camera in US," Mr Hithen said.

So do you need one?

The Smart Home Spy Camera is a simple solution to domestic surveillance - small, innocuous, and highly effective.

The device presents a highly cost-effective way to monitor your home when you leave, being especially useful to record any suspicious activity in the area and to discipline misbehaving children.

As the device is also a functioning USB wall charger, it is easily one of the most useful devices in the home. Its simple design features the following:

  • 1080p HD camera
  • Records direct to a micro SD card hidden inside the device
  • Records only when it detects motion
  • Deletes old files to make room for new ones automatically
  • Works straight out of the box, just plug & record
  • And easily transfers to a computer by copy & paste

Having already sold over 21,000 units in the US alone, the Smart Home Spy Camera is reaching the end of their limited-time-only 75% off sale.

To secure yours today, click on your state below or the button underneath the map to check local availability.

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