Living alone can be scary, and sometimes dangerous. But now it doesn’t have to be…

You never when something life threatening is going to happen. Like taking a fall in the shower, having a health issue with no one around, or having someone break in during the middle of the night and not being able to defend yourself.

That’s why many seniors who live alone have turned to installing alarm systems in their homes. The kind that come with remotes so they can hit the panic button and have help arrive within minutes. Or they’ll arm it during the night time so if someone breaks in it will automatically get set off and scare away the intruder while also calling for help.

Seniors who live alone are now eligible to get $850 worth* of FREE security equipment* and bonus emergency keychain like the one shown below if they apply here within the next 2 days.

Seniors are getting an $850 alarm system for free* with a remote so they can call for help at any time.

The problem with these types of alarm systems though, is that they’re very expensive and most seniors on a budget can’t afford this type of system, until now.

One of the top security companies out there realized this, and decided to do something about it. They figured out how to make owning a top of the line security system affordable for seniors on a budget, and it’s something all seniors who live alone should be taking advantage of.

They’re giving away an $850 alarm system, completely free.* They’re also throwing in a $100 visa gift card to help cover the installation cost, AND the system comes with a free remote control that you can take anywhere summon help with the push of button.

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Because this is an exciting new deal, this company won’t be running it forever. In fact, they’re just running it for the next few days to see how many seniors they can help. So if you’re a senior who is living alone, and can’t afford a security system on your own, then we urge you to apply here for your free alarm system* before this offer expires.

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