Scream Safe Always Be Protected!

Parking Lot Attacker Wasn't Expecting This-
What Happened Next Had Him Running Like A "Bat Outta Hell"

  • LOUD: 130dB attack alarm with pull pin activation and concealed OFF button
  • CLIP: Keyring with purse clip - the ultimate personal protection alarm to carry on your purse or backpack
  • BATTERIES: Preloaded with regular alkaline (LR44) watch batteries, user replaceable and 365 day standby time

The Scream Safe is particularly suitable for:

  • Teenagers
  • Parents
  • Night Owls
  • Delivery Route Employees
  • Business Owners
  • College Students

Focus On The Road Ahead With Hands-Free Navigation!

VIZR delivers cutting-edge, heads-up display technology right in your car. Navigating while you drive just got way more convenient – and whole lot safer!

  • Easy To Setup & Use – Works right out of the box – NO wires, NO installation, NO hassle!
  • Works Day or Night, Rain or Shine – Clearly & safely see important navigation info in ANY condition.
  • Includes FREE iOS & Android App – Easily check GPS, traffic conditions, speedometer, street maps, & much more!

The Future of SAFER Driving Is Here!

Did You Know?

Fighter pilots use this same technology to stay focused on their flight path while navigating!

Scream Safe Personal Alarm keeps you safe!

Easy To Carry

Keychain ring lets you hook your keys with Scream Safe Alarm

Long Lasting Batteries

Batteries stand by time is 365 days.

Extra Batteries

Extra pair of batteries are included with the package.

Works without Subscription

No Subscription Needed for Scream Safe To Work

Super Loud

Louder than the sound of an airplane taking off.

Makes A Great Gift

Makes the perfect gift for Everyone.

How Does It Work?

Pull the pin out

Pulling the pin out

will sound the alarm

Intruder will run away

Anyone chasing you will

get scared and run away.

Put the pin back

Scream Safe alarm will

stop making loud noise

Why Do People Love Driving With VIZR?

Amanda D.

“It’s A Blast To Use!”

I think thats a wonderful and easy way women can afford and feel able to protect themselves and children. this personal alarm keeps me safe and sound.

“Best gift for everyone!”

I got one for Christmas in my stocking from my boyfriends parents, i haven't had had to use it in any emergency situation and i hope i never do but this bad boy is loud and i highly recommend this to everyone.

Elizabeth B.

Stacy R.

“Bought One – Bought Several More!”

130db's is horribly loud, it is painful, + everyone in a parking lot, will turn to look in the direction of the sound source. This works perfectly for an elderly lady like me.

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Makes the perfect gift for Anyone