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This Simple Plug-in Device Can Make Your Home 100% Pest Free, Here's How

Wouldn't it be nice if you never had to kill another roach or set another mouse trap in your house?

Every house in America has a nasty pest problem. Whether it's creepy spiders crawling around, a cockroach infestation or rodents getting into food cabinets, we all wish they would go away.

Up until now, we've had to resort to primitive ways of dealing with these pests. Grabbing a napkin and squishing that icky spider will leave most of us with goosebumps. Taking a bottle of Raid and spraying it all over the house is hazardous to our health. And if you like animals, you may not want to resort to killing that poor little mouse with a trap.

Luckily, there is a brand new way of dealing with these pests, both insects and rodents, that don't involve killing them and is 100% safe for your health. It's called "Ultrasonic Pest Warrior" and its quickly becoming a necessary household item for every American.

But thanks to this brand new device, millions of Americans never have to worry about seeing another spider or rodent in their house again.

The simple, yet genius idea behind the product...

Unlike other products that use harsh chemicals or inhumane ways to kill pests, Pest Warrior aims to prevent the problem before it even happens. By using low frequency sound waves that are undetectable to the human ear (undetectable to dog and cat ears too), Pest Warrior produces an unbearable sound to both insects and rodents that repels them away. This means you never have to squish another insect or whip out a hazardous can of Raid again!

It's extremely simple and easy to use. All you do is plug it in to an outlet and it automatically starts sending out low frequency sound waves within that room. Within a few minutes, you will notice that the presence of any pests will be completely gone!

Best of all, Pest Warrior works on a wide range of different insects and rodents...

Sounds Great, But Does It Really Work?

When we first heard about this new "super" Pest Repeller, we were a bit skeptical. We were no scientists so we decided to purchase one and try it out.

Setup was fast and easy. We chose to test in the basement where spiders, insects and roaches were spotted. We simply plugged it in a standard outlet. We turned the Pest Warrior on and gave it a few minutes. What happened next was astonishing...

We noticed that the spiders and bugs started to get 'antsy' and began moving away from the device. In the mean time, we didn't hear any sound at all.

The best part about this new device is that we didn't have to get our hands dirty and kill anything. No cleaning up dead insect bodies, no killing rodents, no nothing. Just plug the device in and let it do its magic and watch these pests simply disappear!

Now, before you decide to try this new technology, it is important to note that it has a short-range. Usually they can work in one room but won't cover a complete house. The device's frequency gets weaker as it spreads further. Therefore, depending on the areas where pests may be present, you may need several units for multiple areas in your house.

For the price paid, using the Ultrasonic Pest Warrior is extremely effective compared to other types of pest control. If you hate bugs and rodents in your house, you should try the Ultrasonic Pest Warrior. Best thing is it doesn't affect your dogs or cats! If you're not happy with it, they even offer a full refund if you're not satisfied.


Since launching earlier this year, the Ultrasonic Pest Warrior is so popular it has sold over 425,000 units and over 30,000 units during its holiday sale.

Due to its popularity and long waiting list, they've decided to extend their holiday discount of 50% off.

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