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Are you constantly cleaning your glasses? Do you blow on your lenses and rub them with your sleeve? How about run them under tap water and then use a tissue? Been there, it's frustrating!

All of these cleaning methods that we use during the day can damage our lenses and impair our vision for day to day tasks. Those bottles of spray on cleaner smell bad, leave streaks and are a pain to carry with you.

Well, fortunately, there’s a new device that has recently hit the market and it’s literally giving hazy, scratched & smudged glasses a like-new shine again. And to say it’s extremely affordable is grossly understated!

What Is It?

It’s called Peeps eye cleaning device and if you wear lenses of any kind, you'll want to check this out.

Peeps is a brand new way to clean your eyeglasses utilizing NASA approved technology to safely remove dirt, smudges and oils without scratching your lenses. This lightweight easy to carry case will make your glasses feel brand new with every use. Safe for all lense coatings - don't risk using tissue or your sleeve again!

How Does It Work?

Super easy! In fact, this tiny device works like magic. All you have to do is…

  1. Lightly brush – Simply take out Peeps scratch resistant brush and lightly brush the lenses free of dirt.
  2. Deep clean – Take out the soft carbon microfiber pad, and do a thorough deep clean of your lenses. Much cleaner than cloths!
  3. Plug back in to refresh – Put the carbon microfiber pad back into the applicator to refresh and clean the unit for the next use.

Peeps is a very safe device that is NASA approved and used on the Space Station lenses! You get up to 500 cleans per device. No liquids involved = no mess!

Watch This Video For A Closer Look At How Peeps Works!

I already clean my glasses with a microfiber cloth, why would I want this?

Peeps uses patented revolutionary carbon microfiber pads that give a deep clean unlike any cloth and never leaves behind smudges, fibers or scratches. Cloths are known to be quite dirty!

What Can I Do With Peeps?

A lot. Take it to work, traveling or for outdoor activities. Works great on sunglasses too! Most customers order a few Peeps and keep one in the car, at work and by their bedside table. With Peeps you'll end the frustration of having dirty lenses!

  • Weather Safe - Not affected by temperature
  • Ecofriendly
  • Comes in 4 attractive colors
  • 500 cleanings per unit
  • NASA approved
  • And more!

How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?

Peeps is only $24.99 $16.99! That’s right – ONLY $16.99! Even better: Right Now Buy 4 Peeps, Get 2 Free! That's just $11.33 each!

And they offer a 30-Day money back guarantee.

There honestly is no good reason not to try Peeps.

You can get Peeps direct from the company’s website here. Make sure to buy it from the official site as there are many knockoffs on the market today.

Reviews From People Who Recently Purchased Peeps From Facebook:

Are You Ready To Have Super Clean & Clear Glasses Again?

Now that you know about Peeps and what it can do for your glasses the question is: “Why are you still using dirty cloths & tissue to clean your lenses?”

Start enjoying crystal clear vision all day long again:

  • Step 1: Order Peeps and get it delivered in about 1 week.
  • Step 2: Lightly brush your lenses & deep clean with the carbon microfiber pads.
  • Step 3: Put back in the applicator to refresh for the next use

It really is that simple!


TIP: Peeps makes a great gift for anyone who has dirty lenses or is contantly rubbing them to try and get them clean.