23 Discounts Seniors Did Not Know They Could Get

23 Discounts Seniors Did Not Know They Could Get

There are many special discounts that are available to seniors. Retirees are offered discounts at most retailers, restaurants, parks and on public transport. But you won’t get these discounts unless YOU ASK for them. Simply ask the question, “Do you offer a senior discount?” and see how much you can save.

And did you know there are special senior discounts that are available just online? Many seniors were shocked to find out that they could save as much as $6,000 by using these online discounts and little-known government programs. Here is a list of discounts and offers seniors can take advantage of in 2018.

1. Negotiate A Better Mortgage Rate

If you’re a homeowner born before 1985 and you want to save yourself thousands of dollars this year, there’s a government program that you might be able to take advantage of. Easy Loan Site Mortgage could help hundreds of thousands of Americans reduce their monthly payments by as much as $3,500 in their first year. The program was set to expire in 2017 but has been extended to 2018 for the time being. In order to qualify, you’ll need good or excellent credit, so if you don’t have a very good credit rating then this probably isn’t for you. To check if you qualify visit Easy Loan Site Mortgage, and fill out the short quiz (take 2 minutes). If lowering your payments, paying off your mortgage faster, and having an extra $290 a month in mortgage savings would help you, then this could be the easiest money savings tip you take.

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2. Get FREE Product Samples

On iLoveSamples you will be able to get free samples of some of your favorite products without spending a penny! No purchase is necessary, doesn't ask for your credit card, so it is 100% free. Sign up now because this program is available for limited time.

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3. Pay Even Less For Car Insurance


Did you know that depending on your age and other factors you could get a huge discount on car insurance? Recent studies indicate that only 5% of American drivers over the age of 55 are paying less than $50 per month for car insurance. That is probably because they are not taking advantage of the multiple discounts available to them. Click here to learn how seniors can save $400+ on car insurance.

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4. Install A Home Alarm System With A Super Senior Discount

This money saving idea is also for senior homeowners, so if you’re a renter you can skip this one. Did you know that homes without security systems are 2.5 times more likely to be targeted by burglars and intruders? But installing a home alarm system isn’t just to stop burglars and intruders, it can also save you big money year after year. A house alarm will save you money on your homeowners insurance policy (which is generally mandatory if you own a home). In fact, on average installing a home alarm system will give homeowners a 10-20% discount on their insurance by having a high functioning home alarm system installed. The good news is that these home alarm companies are pretty desperate for customers at the moment so you can get a good deal. For instance, one of the best alarm system companies – ADT Smart Home is currently offering over $850 in Security equipment if you just pay the installation fee.

It’s also really important seniors have a high functioning alarm system installed so that they can get medical aid in the case of a life threatening emergency, especially for those who live alone.

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5. Owe More Than $20,000 in Credit Card Debt? Use This Brilliant Debt Payoff Plan

Owe a lot of money in a credit card debt? This is what credit companies don’t want you to find out:

If you owe more than $20,000 in credit card debt, this proven debt relief program made available for seniors by Accredited Debt Relief can reduce the amount of money you owe. You can resolve your debt with no requirement of loans and thus become debt free in just 24 – 48months. If you’ve been struggling to pay your credit card debt, then look no further than this!

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6. Save On Home Insurance

Home insurance may not be something you often think about, but not having enough coverage could have devastating consequences. Whether you’re a homeowner, condo owner, or renter, home insurance is an essential way to protect you and your belongings from fire, theft, or other damage.

For example, did you know most home insurance companies offer senior discounts? Some companies even offer senior-specific insurance plans, such as Insure Square.

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7. Never Pay For Home Repairs Again

Having a home warranty safeguards you against unexpected and costly repairs of your home's major appliances (including your refrigerator, washer, dryer, dishwasher, etc.) and mechanical systems (such as your heating, plumbing and air conditioning). A warranty covers malfunctions as well as normal wear and tear over the life of a product.

Home Warranty aids you by taking up your responsibilities of such broken appliances and types of machinery. Total Home Protection provides you with the service contract of repairing or replacing the damaged appliances. Thus, when you are at home you will not need to fret about any appliance that has gone old. Now that’s a home warranty benefit if you ask us!

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8. Save Up To 70% On Life Insurance

Unfortunately with every year you age your insurance premium amount rises 8-10%. For senior citizens, rising life insurance policy costs can add up significantly. And what’s worse is the fact that many seniors have a hard time qualifying for new policies altogether once they reach a certain age.

Fortunately though, there is a way to get a very cheap life insurance policy. You need to compare quotes from multiple insurance companies. This amazing website will let you do that and the best part it is totally free! They will run down your information through their technology to automatically find the best life insurance policies available for a much much lower price.

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9. Never Pay For Cable Again! This Device Lets You Watch Your Favorite Channels For Free

Thousands of seniors are completely cutting the cord on their monthly cable costs, allowing them to save $100+ per month in unnecessary fees. All your local news, weather, sitcoms, cooking shows, kid's shows, sports and thousands of movies are available for free with a special antenna. The SkyWire Antenna simply attaches to your current TV's antenna jack (all TV's have them), and then you get to enjoy FREE broadcast TV. It supports 1080p HDTV and has up to 30 miles of range, so it's nothing like the "rabbit ears" you used in the past. If you find you're not watching as much television as you used to, this could be the perfect solution for you and can save you a lot of money every month.

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10. Get Paid To Take Online Surveys

Have you ever wondered what to do with that additional free time after retirement? What if you could turn it into some extra money just by answering a few questions for online surveys?

There is a new website called Survey Junkey. This website will match you with countless surveys you can complete online for big brands. In return, it will give you virtual points and rewards that you can redeem for e-Giftcards or Paypal. You won’t make a million, but it’s definitely a fun and easy way to pay for your groceries or a nice cup of coffee.

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11. Collect Thousands Every Month With This Off-The-Books Retirement Income Investment

Ever Heard of Washington's Private Pension Plan?In case you haven't, don't be alarmed because congressmen and government insider's have been trying to hide this little known secret from the public for years! Luckily for us, a former Wall Street Hedge Fund manager revealed all. Now you can learn how to use their secret against them and collect up to $11,000 a month from this incredible investment.

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12. Relieve Muscle Aches And Pains With PainFixMD

This incredible new product is the best drug free alternative to relieve body aches and muscle pains. PainFixMD relieves a variety of symptoms: ranging from neck tension, headaches and migranes, lower back pain, sciatica, nerve pain, Osteoarthritis and other forms of arthritis, as well as Tendonitis and Buristis.

This therapy also encourages endorphins production, the natural painkillers. Although this therapy is primarily used for pain control, this type of electrical stimulation improves the circulation locally and reduces or eliminates muscle spasms.

It only takes 30 minutes to begin to relieve the pain. Some patients use the device for several hours or form short 30-to-60 minute sessions during the day. For a limited time you can get PainFixMD for 50% off their regular price plus FREE shipping!

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13. Save On A Medical Alert System

Do you get concerned at times about falling or needing help with a health problem when you’re alone? Anyone who is at risk of falling or having a medical emergency may benefit from a medical alert system.

You press a wearable call button that puts you in touch with a dispatcher who can summon emergency help or contact a friend or family member. The #1 ranked medical alert system (by The Senior List), Mobile Help, is running a promotion and now would be a good time to invest your own system so you and your family members can stay rest assured when you have an emergency or need immediate medical attention.

Click Here To Save On A Medical Alert System

14. Save Money In Costly Car Repairs

If you’ve ever gone to your local auto repair shop for an oil change, but instead left with a huge bill for god knows what then this is the device for you. Often mechanics can take advantage of car owners, especially the elderly, for their lack of knowledge by tricking them into changing parts and making ‘fixes’ that are not needed.

But, by using FIXD, you’ll never pay more for car maintenance than you need to again. If you see the mysterious “check engine” light come on, FIXD will be able to tell you exactly what’s wrong with your car.

If your car was built after 1996, then FIXD can instantly diagnose any problems it might have. This means that next time something goes wrong, the mechanic won’t be able to trick you. It’s super-easy to use that even the least tech-savvy people can do it.

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15. Often Drive After Hours? Watch These Amazing Glasses Turn Night Into Day!

Calling all commuters! Increase your safety when you are driving at night with a pair of light-weight anti-glare glasses. If you often drive at night you’ll know how it feels to be blinded by the lights of other cars. Now, NightGuide is offering a solution to get you home safely.

The anti-reflective glasses will cut out glare and fit perfectly over prescription frames you already wear. The tinted lenses block out blinding lights and enhance clarity and contrast so neon lights, street signs, and car lights won’t bother you anymore.

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16. Save 50% OFF Compression Socks That Promote Blood Circulation and Reduce Foot Pain

Want immediate relief today? Try Doc Socks - These professional anti-fatigue compression socks are proven to reduce swelling, ease heel pain, soothe your aching feet, and promote blood circulation to help weak veins and pathways being compromised from the aging process.

Doc Socks were designed by a leading Podiatrist with extensive treatment in footpain management. They have multiple purposes, including arch support, reducing heel time and fatigue (foot pain) and structural compression. For a limited time, you can order these for 50% off retail price.

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17. Safely Navigate With VIZR- The Device That Turns Your Phone Into A Heads Up Display

Main image

Do you get easily distracted? Well now you can easily drive and navigate without ever having to take his eyes off the road! This handy new gadget is one of the smartest, easiest ways to prevent accidents while traveling. It's super easy to use, all you do is download the free app and install it in your dash. The VIZR has an adjustable screen, fits any smart phone, will stick to any car dash and keeps your phone safe and secure while driving! There are also all kinds of cool, free apps you can download to get the lately updates on traffic, weather conditions and more.

For a limited time, the VIZR is running a buy one get one 1/2 off, or buy two get one free with free S&H! We can see this as being one of the most puchased gifts this year, so order it quickly while they're still available!

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18. Fall Asleep Naturally In 20 Minutes Or Less With This New Device

Main image

Have trouble falling asleep at night? If that’s the case, then this super cool gadget could be the key to a good night's rest. The Dodow is taking over the sleep aid industry and millions of American's are turning to this incredible device.

The Dodow works by projecting a soft blue light onto your ceiling that expands and retracts. When you breathe along with the light, it fades in and out, which helps to relax and calm your mind. Now you can get a good night's rest without taking harmful sleeping pills that will leave you feeling lathargic and groggy the next morning. Not only does it help you fall asleep faster, but it also improves the actual quality of your sleep throughout the night.

For a limited time, Dodow is offering an awesome deal, buy two get one FREE + FREE shipping! Don't wait, this product is sure to sell out.

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19. Reduce Pain In An Instant

AccuPoint announced today they have released a super high-quality device that blocks pain signals. AccuPoint has been designed to reduce pain in the lower back, arms, and legs, and it will dramatically improve comfort levels and ease muscle soreness.

Don’t let pain stop you from doing what you love every day. AccuPoint Pain Relief Pads will help you ease the pain without having to go into your medicine cabinet. Now you can get the same therapy recommended by doctors and used by physical therapists without a prescription!

AccuPoint is a new, innovative device that is durable, lightweight, wireless, and powerful. AccuPoint technology is intended to block the pain signal that you feel and increase endorphins to help give you lasting relief. This drug-free alternative allows you quick and easy therapy at home, at work, or on the go. The AccuPoint Pain Relief Pad can be used virtually anywhere at any time. Simply turn it on, adjust the comfort level, and let the pain melt away like never before!

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20. Keep Your Glasses Crystal Clear With Carbon Technology

Peeps is a brand-new product that is already very popular among those who wear glasses. The Peeps eyeglass cleaner is designed to clean eyeglasses, sunglasses, and reading glasses very effectively. They use a unique and invisible carbon cleaning formula that will remove any dust, oily fingerprints, and dirt that comes from the face.

Peeps use a solution that is the safest and most tested cleaning technology in the world. In fact, the technology is literally out of this world – being the only cleaners on the Space Station used for lens cleaning by NASA. Peeps is super easy to use, compact and will never expire, and you?ll be able to clean your glasses 500 times. It?s also perfectly portable, and measures 4x1x1 inches, and comes in your choice of 7 different colors.

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21. Save On Probiotic Supplements For Seniors

If you are over 60 you should take either probiotic drinks, yoghurts or capsules as they will protect you from developing such bowel conditions as IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Elderly people have a much lower number of friendly bacteria in their intestines than younger adults, say the researchers. Elderly people also have more harmful bacteria in their intestines than younger adults. Some studies have shown that friendly bacteria levels in the gut of a typical over 60-year-old is one thousandth of that of a younger adult. The elderly are much more prone to gastrointestinal infections and bowel conditions.

With Probiotic America is a probiotic that over half-million of people have used to overcome all types of digestive issues from gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, and more.

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22. Ladies – Say Goodbye to Menopause Hot Flashes, Fatigue, Night Sweats - 50% Discount


LadyCare is a brand new magnetic device to can provide relief of menopause and perimenopause symptoms. It’s a different approach on treatment, but it’s been proven to work on 70% of women. It can calm down aggravating symptoms like hot flushes, vaginal dryness, night sweats, and bloating. In fact, Dr. Nyjon Eccles has discovered that LadyCare can relieve up to 24 symptoms.

The device is super small and very discreet and to use it, it’s as easy as clipping it to your underwear. The LadyCare devices work by helping to rebalance part of the Autonomic Nervous System. It helps with stress and anxiety relief, promoting better skin and hair and will even boost your sex drive. The device lasts for 5 years, it can offer years’ worth of relief.

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23. Cruise Deals

Carnival Cruises, Royal Caribbean, Costa Cruises

Is there any better way to celebrate life than to venture out at sea? Cruises are wonderful with their all-inclusive travel options where you get to sit back, have a drink or two for free, soak up the midday sun and enjoy some high-class cuisine along with various live music performances.

Cruise lines offer a huge variety of discounts for senior citizens, and this includes some of the most well-known companies like Carnival Cruises and Royal Caribbean, offering exclusive deals to citizens over the age of 55. You will be able to get a cruise deal anywhere in the world, be it the Caribbean or even the icy Alaska. Keep in mind that not all cruises have discounts, so it is best to check with the specific cruise company.

24. Visit Amusement Parks


Busch Gardens, SeaWorld Orlando, Disney Land & Dollywood

If you’re up for an adventure, you can use your discount at theme parks too. While your days of riding the rollercoaster might be over, there are still some other great attractions on offer.

Senior Pass Members at Busch Gardens in Tampa will get various discount offers all year round and SeaWorld Orlando will give you a $3 discount if you are over 50. LegoLand Florida gives seniors a $7 discount on entrance. 

King’s Island offers seniors over the age of 62 various discounts as well You can also get a senior discount on one-day tickets and seasonal packages at Dolly Parton’s Tennessee-based park, Dollywood, that includes activities for all of the family.

25. Public Transport


Amtrak, Trailways, Greyhound, National Rent A Car

This one is no secret. Many bus and train operators offer discounts for seniors. Rail service, Amtrak will give over 65s a 10% discount on tickets, and Greyhound will save you 5%. 65-years old and over can score 10% with Trailways.

Sixt automatically applies a discount if you book online. Hertz offers exclusive car deals for those over the age of 50.

Keep in mind that some discounts may vary and can change without notice.

26. Cell Phone Plans


Mobile phones are for senior citizens too, and you’d bet you can get a good deal on one.

Keep in mind that deals may vary and can change without notice.

  • AT&T – plan for over 65s that costs $29.99 per month. You’ll get 200 anytime minutes, and 500 for evenings and weekends.
  • GreatCall – a senior plan for $14.99. However they do have various additional fees, so expect to pay a little bit more. The plan offers health and safety tools, which include 24/7 access to urgent care, medication and refill reminders, daily automated calls to check in with you and much more. This plan works best with a Jitterbug phone, which is especially easy and comfortable to use.
  • T-Mobile – plan for $60 a month for seniors 55+, which gives you 2 lines with unlimited talk, text and LTE data.
  • Verizon Nationwide – 65 Plus Plan where you can get a plan for $29.99 that includes 200 minutes and unlimited text messaging, it also comes with 2GB of internet so you can browse your favorite websites from your phone. Keep in mind, however, that this plan is not available for new Verizon customers.
  • Consumer Cellular – a plan that includes unlimited talk for $30.

27. Save on Groceries


Once you’ve used your senior discount at all of your favorite restaurants, you’ll need to buy some groceries. Lots of stores give a senior discount – you just need to ask.

Keep in mind that discounts and deals may vary and can change without notice.

  • Farm Fresh – 5% discount Tuesdays and Thursdays (55+)
  • Hy-Vee – depending on location will usually offer 5% discount on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (some stores set age to 65+)
  • Fred Meyer – 10% senior discount on the first Tuesday of every month
  • New Seasons Market – 10% discount every Wednesday
  • Compare Food Supermarket – 10% discount in participating locations, get in touch with your local store to find out more
  • Piggly Wiggly – varying discounts at participating locations
  • Fry’s Food – 10% discount on the first Wednesday of every month to all seniors with VIP card.

28. Get Creative


If you have a lot of time on your hands, you might like to keep them busy by getting creative. Whether it’s painting with your grandkids, making some festive decorations or maybe knitting a pair of mittens for your loved ones hobby shops have you covered.

Major hobby chain Michael’s have up to 10% exclusive discounts for senior citizens or even more off of crafting materials. Joann has specific Senior Days where senior citizens aged 55 and older receive a 20% discount off of their total purchase.

TIP: Don’t forget to claim these great money-saving senior discounts:

Car Insurance Discount. Click here to save $400+ on car insurance!

Mortgage Discount. Click here to save $4,264 on your mortgage each year!

Debt Relief. Click here if you owe more than $20,000 in credit card debt.

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