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The Federal Government Offers Homeowners $4,264 per year ($355 per month) Mortgage Stimulus.

Update: 1 hour 36 minutes ago

(Washington, DC) - The greatest mortgage reduction stimulus program in U.S. History expires this year, and banks are hoping you don't find out.

Incredibly, some Homeowners have been able to remove up to 15 years off their mortgage payments! Banks are FURIOUS about missing out on all of those interest payments and are hoping homeowners don't find out about this program before it expires in 2018.

So while the banks are biding their time and waiting for this program to end, the politicians are doing nothing to extend the program and continue helping middle-class homeowners. 

This amazing homeowner stimulus program is set to expire in just a few short months. The good news for the middle-class is that once you're in the program, they can't kick you out. If lowering your payments, paying off your mortgage faster, and saving thousands on your payments would help you, it's extremely important that you act now.

Step 1: Answer a few questions below to see if you're a good fit for the program

Step 2: Enter some questions about your home and mortgage situation, then you'll find out how much you could save.

Important: This program is completely free and only takes a few minutes. You do not need to pay anything to see if you qualify. Anyone who says otherwise should be avoided!

Still unknown to many, this brilliant government program called the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) could benefit millions of Americans and reduce their mortgages by as much as $4,264 each year.

Answer These 3 Questions To Begin:

Homeowners that visit the HARP Quiz Website are often surprised to find out they qualify for a stimulus plan that offers them substantially lower interest rates and reduced mortgage payments compared with what they currently have.

 Homeowners: You may be about to hit the jackpot.

How Can You Check Your Mortgage Savings?

Check In 60 Seconds To See If You Qualify

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