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13 Must-Try Beauty Products For Women…And 3 To Avoid!

April 18, 2018 at 11:32 am EDT | Sponsored Content

The new year may still be young, but the list of must-have beauty and health products is already long… and growing.

From high tech body shapers, to phenomenal hair growth products (and everything in between) here are 13 products that are well worth getting your hands on and 3 that you should stay far away from.

1. Revlon Photo Ready Cream Blush

Blush is the ultimate instant picker-upper. Be it rose, apricot, raspberry, or fuchsia, gel, cream, liquid, or powder, nothing livens up the face faster than faking a fabulous flush with a pretty pop of color swiped across the apples of your cheeks. The Revlon Photo Ready Cream blush is a lightweight formula that leaves a silky soft feel on the skin, and blends evenly over your cheeks.

2. TruVitaliti Flawless Cream

You’ve seen women in their 50's, 60’s and 70’s with very baggy eyes, which ends up making them look much older than they really are. Well guess what, that doesn’t have to be you! And if it already is, there’s something you can do about it right now.

This Truvitaliti Flawless Cream was made by two of the leading plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills and truly is a breakthrough, but it requires two things from you; patience and consistency. If you can do that, you will see a tightening and firming effect on the skin around your eyes. (You won’t want to live without it!)

Learn More About Truvitaliti Flawless Cream »

3. Keranique Hair Growth System

If you’re starting to notice your hair isn’t full and bouncy like it was in your 20’s, this is your saving-grace. This high tech hair growth system called Keranique is the most successful one out there and has been reviewed by thousands of women. It’s was created by a female doctor specifically for women who are noticing their hair is getting thinner, weaker or are even starting to notice patchiness and balding. We recommend it for anyone wanting thicker, healthier, longer locks because it is clinically proven to work. Your hair will act like it’s 20 again. Okay fine, 25.

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4. Drop The Extra Weight & Slim Down

Everyone knows that they could stand to lose a little weight in order to feel better, look better, and have more energy. But how do you get started? Jump start your weight loss at any age with The Truth About Fats. This system has specific recommendations and will show you how to use the incredible power of “Healing Fats” in order to gain energy, look younger and lose weight in the process.

There are no strict rules in this system, so there will be no need to starve yourself or do any of those exhausting exercises. You aren’t even required to count calories or anything like that. All you will need to do is stop eating a few “Harmful Foods” and begin eating MORE delicious healing fats to trigger your body’s master metabolic switch.

Simply follow the steps in the system, and put more of the foods you like back into your diet.

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5. Get 7-9 Hours of Beauty Sleep With Dodow

When it comes to your beauty routine, sleep may be the closest thing there is to a fountain of youth. Women who get 5 hours of sleep per night may have twice as many wrinkles as women who get 7-8! New research shows that getting a good night sleep is actually the key to keeping your youthful look... and don't kid yourself, 6 hours of sleep per night is vastly different than 7-9 hours. The problem is, millions of Americans are having a hard time falling asleep and getting a good night rest. This small, yet effective sleep aid device called Dodow will help put you to sleep. How does it work? Dodow sits on your nightstand and slowly projects a rhythmic glow onto your ceiling. Focusing on the light helps clear you mind, slows your breathing, and relaxes your body so you can quickly, peacefully drift off into a deep, restful sleep. More over, it's completely safe, and non-addictive. No negative side effects!

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6. Flawless Skin Facial Hair Remover

"Not by the hair on my chinny chin chin". Everyone knows that as we get older we tend to grow more and more hair in places we don't want. Let's face it, annoying facial hair growth for women can be a real struggle to deal with. That's why we recommend trying the Flawless Skin Facial Hair Remover. Now you can safely remove all types of facial hair in the safety of your own home without any expensive treatments or painful processes. Here are some of the advantages of using this tiny device. It's instant and painless, no redness or irritation, safe for all skin types and tones, gentle and safe to the touch, and Dermatologist approved. Despite what many people might think, using this device will NOT result in unwanted hair growing back thicker.

Learn More About Finishing Touch Flawless Skin »

7. Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder

We all want gorgeous pearly whites, but getting your chompers chemically whitened at the dentist is as expensive as it is uncomfortable. That’s why we’re in love with this natural charcoal powder! It goes on black, but leaves teeth white (up to 10 shades lighter) without any painful or harmful side effects. This stuff is worth adding to your 2018 beauty regimine.

Learn More About Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder »

8. Biore Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips

These little miracle strips are a necessity for every woman’s makeup bag! Just one strip will pull a weeks worth of dirt, oil and blackheads to the surface leaving you with squeeky clean pores that look smaller and more refined! They won’t prevent blackheads from popping up, but if you use them regularly, your blackheads and oil will be kept under control.

9. Spray Perfect - Get Perfect Nails Every Time!

Imagine being able to get perfectly polished nails in seconds without spending an hour having a manicure. With Spray Perfect, the worlds fastest manicure, your nails will dry in under a minute! Using a new technology the color only sticks to your nails and washes off easily from your skin. It takes just a few simple steps to get the perfect coat, every time.

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10. 3-Second Lash (Perfect Lashes Every Time)

Want to create perfect, beautiful eyelashes in seconds? Now you can! The “As Seen on TV” 3 Second Lash Magnetic Eyelashes are an easy to use magnetic eyelash extensions that instantly accentuates your natural eyelashes in seconds.

3 Second Lash magnetic technology gently “sandwiches” your natural lashes to create bold, full lashes in seconds! The magnets snap together for secure, comfortable, and gorgeous lashes! Learn More About 3-Second Lash »

11. Aztec Indian Healing Clay

This hidden gem is known as the world’s most powerful facial, and for good reason, you’ll literally feel your skin pulsate when you use it! Bentonite clay is known for its ability to absorb and remove toxins, heavy metals, impurities and chemicals from the body and skin, helping you keep gorgeous a complexion all year long. This mask is perfect for acne, blackheads, skin tightening, shrinking pores and getting rid of impurities that are way deep down. (use twice a week!)

We can’t recommend this one enough!

12. Goddess Face- Firming Sonic Depuffer

This tool is already a viral beauty hit in Japan and throughout Asia, but has only recently come to the states! The Sonic Depuffer is specially designed to tighten and contour your face while boosting skin radiance. Its micro-current vibrations sends stimulating energy at 6000 beats per minute through it’s gold-plated head directly into your skin. Use it to tighten skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, reduce facial puffiness, boost elasticity, increase skin care absorption and more! In just 3-5 minutes, it helps you to achieve firm, glowing red-carpet-ready skin!

13. Invisible Body Shaper

Have you ever felt bothered by your wobbly bits and don't feel comfortable showing them in front of other women? A lot of women tried unhealthy weight loss diets or even underwent harmful surgeries. Thankfully, now there's a better way smooth out your figure instantly. Millions of women are already wearing it including most of Hollywood celebrities.

Lets face it ladies, after kids and life... and gravity takes an effect then nothing is in the same spot they were 10 years ago. I have a pair of jeans that fit great but my butt looks saggy in them and that is due to aging. However, this Invisible Body Shaper did a great job of getting my confidence back! All in all, it takes only 5-10 seconds to make you look instantly smoother. Besides, what's the point of not looking great in your favorite collections?

Learn More About Invisible Body Shaper »

Now here are 3 trending beauty products you need to stay away from.

1. Charcoal Black Mask

We know that everyone has been rushing to try these Charcoal Black Masks but here’s the thing. Not only do these black peel-off masks not actually do what they say on the packet, they also have the potential to damage your skin. We spoke to Andy Millward, facialist, aesthetician, and member of the British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology to find out if these masks are worth the pain of ripping off all the tiny hairs on your face, and he warned us of just how much damage they could be doing. ‘They effectively act like glue binding to the cells on the skin’s surface as well as any vellus hair,’ Andy said. So stay away from this fad.

2. Eyelid Trainer (yes, this is a real thing.)

Now this one’s just plain hilarious. This product was made by Japanese beauty enthusiasts to help women with “monolids” get a double-fold shape to their eyelids. All you have to do is wear this super weird glasses-type, horror-movie contraption every day and boom, you have prettier eyelids?? (And we thought waist trainers were ridiculous…) *shudder*

3. Brow Stamp

Eyebrows are hard enough to perfect when you're armed with pencils, gels, pomades and powders - let alone when you have to hope for the best and stamp them straight onto your face. This brow stamp kit is trending on social media but Beauty gurus are saying this product is a bust because the powder slowly comes off, the formula is chalky, and you can never quite get the brows to line up in the right place. (byeeeee!)

So there you have it! The best and worst beauty and health products for us women over 40! We hope this helped you navigate your way through the thousands of products out there and get gorgeous results!