Police say burglars have been targeting seniors because they’re “easy targets.” Security Company responds by offering free home security* for homeowners ages 45+.

In an effort to “arm” homeowners and curb the growing home invasion epidemic against seniors, one security company has started a program for homeowners, saying they will no longer have to pay for home security equipment.* This is great news for homeowners who have been waiting to upgrade their home security without breaking the bank.

176 of your neighbors in Brooklyn, NY have taken advantage of this deal today. To join them in protecting your home, just click here to get your free quote >>

This program was introduced on the heels of a new census report that shows home invasion has doubled in the US in the past 5 years, but home invasion among seniors 55 and up has more than tripled. Authorities suggest this is largely due to the stereotype that older folks have more money, and don’t have great home security systems.

“Seniors have become a target of home invasion because they typically don’t have up to date home security systems, and they’re perceived as having more money,” says home security expert John Morgan. “I think this program is absolutely necessary, and is a step in the right direction, and I encourage all seniors to take advantage of it. I’m just glad someone is doing the right thing.

One of the first residents of Brooklyn, NY to qualify and take advantage of the FREE* home security program is 78 year old Joanne Mitchell. When we called her for a quote this is what she had to say:

I’ve never really worried about home invasion until last year when my neighborhood started having break-ins every month. My kids pleaded with me to get a new system installed but I couldn’t afford it. A lady I play cards with told me about how she got her whole $850 security system for FREE* from this big home security company. She only pays $27.99/mo for monitoring, which is less than a cup of coffee a day to feel safe in her own home. She got broken into a couple months prior to her installation and they stole her late husbands wedding ring, and all of her jewelry. It was tragic. I won’t let that happen to me.

Joanne continued…

She sent me the security company’s website and I filled out the form and qualified instantly for a FREE* home security system. They came two days later and installed this high tech but easy to operate equipment all around my house. It only costs me $27.99 a month and I haven’t lost a night of sleep since. Now I know if someone tries to break-in, the system will rain hell down on them, and the police will show up within minutes. I think millions of other seniors can get protection too.

If you’re over 55 you can be sure that these burglars know where you live. Have you ever seen the same car drive by multiple times that doesn’t live in the neighborhood? It’s could be a burglar doing his research on which houses in your neighborhood have alarms and which ones don’t. He’ll target the ones that don’t.

According to Brooklyn, NY Sheriff, “The best way to prevent a home invasion is to have a robust home security system. I think it’s about time the government makes home security FREE*, at least for seniors. It would certainly make my job easier.”

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