The investors put millions in this product, which makes free television possible!

(Saturday, September 29, 2018) - In the last program of the show, in which jurors fight for the best startup, all were determined to complete the deal and fought a wild bidding war.

When TV technician Martin K. was fiddling with a microwave-emitting magnetron — used in the guts of radar arrays — he "stumbled" on the most cutting-edge technology to capture full 1080 HD signals.

In recent years as a television technician, he has noticed the ever-increasing cost of television reception and how frustratingly overpriced cable bills and subscription services can be.

You pay for cable, netflix, movies and sports on demand... this all adds up.

And of course, there is all the hardware. Your receiver, AppleTV or Firesticks, DVD player and often expensive Smart TVs.

So it's not surprising that more and more people are looking for cheaper, simpler solutions to save on cable bills and get rid of all the hardware.

Therefore, he developed a at first glance somewhat unusual product called "Skylink" to watch HDTV for free! This is a new super antenna that can receive over-the-air TV signals that no other antenna could receive. So you receive over 100 channels completely free and legally. Using military technology, the Skylink antenna uses a discreet mud flap in a modern design, making it the most reliable and technologically advanced antenna. But there is an essential difference - it allows you to watch almost any channel, movie or show for free. Without subscriptions and completely legal.


It's simple! Simply connect Skylink to any TV or monitor you have. All cables are included. Press the power switch and you're done. No, seriously, it literally takes 10 seconds and you can see anything you want.

But how can you get free television? The secret behind this is a law that no cable company in the world wants you to know about. It states that every cable company must emit an over-the-air signal in addition to the normal signal. In order not to break the law, the cable companies distribute this signal in a low frequency - so almost no antennas could receive the transmitters. Until now - With Skylink this changes.

Just place the antenna anywhere indoors - on the wall, window or wherever you please - with the included adhesive tape, channel scan and you are all set!



The first person Martin let try it was absolutely thrilled by this invention and immediately connects it to the TV in the room:

"That's easy! Simply connect the antenna to the TV. All cables are included. Press the main switch and you're done. No, seriously, it literally takes 10 seconds and you can see anything you want. That's why I think the invention of the antenna is groundbreaking and would like to invest in you as a company!"

All others were also very impressed by how simple and effective Skylink is - this is exactly what makes a good product.

But how can you get free television? The secret behind this is a law that no cable company in the world wants you to know about. It states that every cable company must emit an over-the-air signal in addition to the normal signal. In order not to break the law, the cable companies distribute this signal in a low frequency - so almost no antennas could receive the transmitters. So far - Skylink is changing that.

"What a deal! It's goodbye to cable for me and I'll be saving about $1000 a year!"

Before Martin had a chance to react, he was interrupted by the first person with a smile on her face: "I've only been using the antenna for a few minutes now, and you can see almost every channel for free. Everything in ultra-HD, that's incredible!"

ALL THE testers WANTED SkyLink.

However, these two were not the only ones who were absolutely convinced by the antenna. All the people were directly prepared to buy Martin's protoype, a real bidding between them quickly developed. First Martin thought he had something only a few people would want but he quickly realized he had a million dollar invention within a few minutes.

We decided to put Skylink itself to the test to see how good the antenna really is.

For a purchase price of approx. $45 per antenna we could easily purchase 5 antennas on the official website of the manufacturer. The delivery took a little longer than usual, probably because of the high demand. But after four days, our package arrived

We distributed these in the office and interviewed our colleagues in several stages.

This device saved us a lot of money


Based on past results we knew everyone was totally enthusiastic after a few minutes. Our colleagues also confirm that the operation is child's play. Connect, set up and watch all channels in HD

But one thing to keep in mind, you must keep the optimal range (50 km) of a TV broadcasting point. But these are spread all over the world. Weather and environmental factors can also affect reception, but with Skylink advanced technology this will hardly affect you.

What sounds too good to be true is reality without further conditions. That's one reason why Skylink is sold like crazy worldwide. But before you cancel your cable or satellite subscription, it is important to note that there are a few channels that you cannot receive with the antenna. Overall, however, you can see about 85% of the same channels and more importantly, the most popular channels.


Right now you can buy Skylinkfor the introductory price. You will also receive a discount of up to 57% when purchasing several pairs.

Due to the high demand, sales may soon have to be temporarily paused because the company can hardly keep up with production!

But is it legal?

  1. 1. YES! Definitely. It is completely legal to use, as the cable companies emit the signal completely freely.

  2. 1. Of course, the cable companies are not satisfied with the situation, but there is nothing they can do about it.

  3. 1. You are legally obliged to send the signal. And with extended antennas like Skylink you can really receive it.

Tip:Skylink is a great gift, because it will save everyone who gets it a lot of money.

Customer reviews

"I bought one of these because I'm to poor to pay for cable and my rabbit ears just weren't cutting it anymore, and I have to say I'm impressed! I was really skeptical and did a lot of research before spending $$, but seriously this thing is awesome! It's not the most attractive thing connected to my window, but free tv is free tv 😊 I have so many more channels than I thought I did. Definitely a worthy purchase!"

Harry C. Ortiz
Akron, OH

"This antenna works great I brought other antennas but this one here I get way more Channel will buy again"

Melvin C. Rodriguez
Shreveport, LA

"I had really low expectations of this unit having had poor results with other indoor antennas. It was inexpensive enough and had other good rating that I figured I would give it a try. Well, I have to say that I was blown away with how well this works."

Caren L. Bell
Milwaukee, WI

"The antenna is amazing. Period. Before using the antenna I used a older antenna provided by Time Warner Cable which only got us close to only 20 channels. When we installed this indoors we got over 150 channels which is immensely more that what we had expected. "

Milwaukee, WI
San Rafael, CA



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    Has anybody compared this antenna to the other antenna's out there on the market?

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      Yes! there are so many antenna’s on the market that simply don’t work, and trust me, I’ve tested my fair share of antennas! THIS antenna ACTUALLY WORKS and is head and shoulders above all the other ones on the market.

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  • Sabine Wright

    I have been using Skylink for 3 weeks now, and I can say it`s a true miracle! Thank you so much for reporting on this! They also were offering 35% off for seniors.

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  • Vogt Vanessa

    I saw this on ABC7 a while ago and still using the Skylink. I've been using the product for about 6 wks. Honestly, this is unbelievable, all I have to say is WOW.

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    • Herbert Koenen

      Yeah, Same here.

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    I just received it! I can really watch all the channels! I have already bought one for my mother. Thank you for this great product!

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    Hey Elke, better than paying subscription prices

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    How long does delivery take to United States?

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      Hi Johann, I received mine a week later.

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    Very easy to install, I should have bought that sooner

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    Wow it looks amazing, is anyone already tested?

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      Yes, my husband and I are fans! Super easy to navigate and you can watch everything you want.

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      Hey Jeniffer, mine arrived in about a week.

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      He will be happy! Super gift

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