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They Invested 5 Million Dollars In This Product, Which Is The Future Of Tactical Flashlights

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As a tactical and self-defense expert, Derrick P. had noticed in recent years that his recruits were getting frustrated by their flashlights, which were very dull and broke often, so they had to either keep buying new flashlights or use a less effective tool--so Derrick P. came up with an invention to solve this problem.

Instead of buying a dull flashlight that breaks easily, you should take a look at this new device that has been recently launched. It is the best flashlight on the market, it is military grade flashlight and is extremely durable. And best of is extremely affordable!

Derrick P., therefore, developed a somewhat unusual product, called "TC1200 Tactical Flashlight", to be used in emergency or survival situations for just $29.95. TC1200 Tactical Flashlight is a solid, high-performance flashlight of 1200 Lumens with a 2000X Zoom that you can use effectively in all kinds of situations. Without the worry of dealing with a broken flashlight that easily goes dull, you will never worry that you will be stranded in an emergency situation again!


Super easy! You do not need technical knowledge! You only need to:

  • Step 1: Make sure you TC1200 Tactical Flashlight is charged– The flashlight comes with multiple chargers so it never dies and can be used in any situation, emergency or just for fun.
  • Step 2:  In case of attack, shine it in your attacker’s eyes–  The flashlight is so bright that it will make anyone lose their eyesight for a few minutes, giving you the opportunity to escape of practicer self-defense with the durable flashlight..
  • Step 3: Enjoy your flashlight – ou can use the flashlight for camping and sailing or on the road as well!

You can even use your TC1200 Tactical Flashlight when all other safety devices fail!

With TC1200 Tactical Flashlight you’ll always conveniently have light, but not only that, when you have a need for self-defense, you can use your TC1200 Tactical Flashlight too!

At the beginning of the show, the inventor distributed an TC1200 Tactical Flashlight to each of the five millionaires so they could see for themselves that the product is quality.

TC1200 Tactical Flashlight

THE MILLIONARES ENJOY TC1200 Tactical Flashlight

The first investor was absolutely thrilled with the invention and immediately told the room:

"I love to go camping but it seems every time I go I need to buy a new flashlight. My flashlights always die and I need to replace their batteries and they are still dull. I thought that is just the way all flashlights are--this happened even when i paid up for a $80 dollar extreme flashlight! But with the TC1200 Tactical Flashlight I can charge it without having to worry about batteries and it will still be the brightest flashlight on the market. No batteries, no hassle! Seriously, with this device you could save so much time and money by never having to buy another flashlight ever again! It is truly unbelievable technology. The TC1200 Tactical Flashlight is groundbreaking and I will be investing in this company!"

All the other investors were also impressed by how easy and effective TC1200 Tactical Flashlight is - that’s what makes a great product.

Surprisingly, TC1200 Tactical Flashlight is made of aluminum that has aerospace grade material, built to resist the toughest conditions. That’s right! It is so durable it can be used in any situation. And it is completely safe for the user!

“I would like to make you an offer, for 25% of your company, I offer, $750,000!” announced the second millionaire."

Before the entrepreneur had the chance to respond to the offer, he was interrupted by the first millionaire, who said with a smile on his face: “I’ve been using the flashlight for 10 minutes now, I even banged it against the floor, and I cannot believe what TC1200 Tactical Flashlight is so durable and all for only $29.95. Unbelievable.”


However, these two were not the only ones who were absolutely convinced of TC1200 Tactical Flashlight . All 5 investors were ready to invest right away, it was quickly a bidding war among the investors. First, the offer was bid by at $750,000 for the 25 percent, then came the counterattack of a new offer of $1.5 Million for 20%. The investors valued TC1200 Tactical Flashlight at 7.5 million dollars within a few minutes. .

After a heated discussion, the entrepreneur accepted the offer and so they closed with the biggest deal ever in the history of the popular investor show. We decided to put TC1200 Tactical Flashlight to the test to see how good the stick really is.

We used their limited time deal and bought the flashlight set for just $29.95 each on the official website of the manufacturer. The delivery took, probably because of the high demand, a little longer than usual. But after 3 days our package arrived.

We distributed these in the office and interviewed our colleagues at several stages.

This device has saved us tons of money and given us a feeling of safety!


In the show, the investors were thrilled after only a few minutes. Our colleagues confirmed that the operation really is that easy. Simply charge the flashlight once and it works for a long time.

One of our colleagues said, “I honestly thought there was no way I would ever need a safety flashlight but then a man followed me to my car yesterday in a dark parking lot and I was glad I had it! I simply took the TC1200 Tactical Flashlight out of my purse and shined it in his eyes, and he covered his face immediately. I had time to get in my car, lock the door, and call the police before he recovered from the bright light.”

It turns out that what sounds too good to be true is reality. That’s one reason TC1200 Tactical Flashlight is selling worldwide like crazy.


Currently you can purchase TC1200 Tactical Flashlight for a special introductory price.

Because of the high demand though, the sales may soon be paused temporarily because the company can hardly handle the demand of production!

More than 100,000 customers trust TC1200 Tactical Flashlight!

  1. 1x TC1200 Tactical Flashlight– 1200 Lumens – 2000X Zoom

  2. 1x Rechargeable Lithium Battery*

  3. 1x Lightning Fast Wall-Charger*

  4. 1x Lightning Fast Car-Charger*

  5. 1x Luxurious Protective Case

  6. 100% Rush Shipping NationWide!

Tip: The TC1200 Tactical Flashlight is a great gift because it will save anyone who gets it a lot of money and hassle as well as provide an excellent safety tool..

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Customer Reviews

I've probably gone through at least 20 flashlights, and they all break or end up dimming over the years. Then I found out about TC1200 Tactical Flashlight. This unique flashlight bypassed my problem completely! I’m never going through the hassle of charging my flashlight only for it to die on me when I need it the most. I’ve told everyone I know about TC1200 Tactical Flashlight .

Mario Maurer
Sioux, SD

"Never again throw away money for overpriced flashlights that are going to break anyway!"

Dominik Pope
Dallas, TX

"I thought there was no way it would I actually have to special order my safety flashlight online--but the TC1200 Tactical Flashlight is like no other flashlight I've ever used before. I have never seen anything so bright in my life!"

Laura Gerber
Buffalo, NY

"TC1200 Tactical Flashlight costs only $29.99! That's right - only $29.99 to never have to buy another flashlight for the rest of your life! And right now they are are offering lifetime protection - there's no good reason not to try TC1200 Tactical Flashlight .

Thomas Walter
Palm Beach, FL



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